Brussels Sprouts Petals*
Chopped Thai Chili Peppers
Thin Sliced Red Onion
Roughly Crushed Spanish Marcona Almonds
AM Smoked Salt  (available for purchase at blvd Nashville)
White Balsamic Vinegar
Shaved Pecorino Romano
Diced Butter Cubes

In a saute pan, add Butter, Almond, Thai Chili, and Red Onion.  Allow Butter to slightly brown and other components to sweat and slightly caramelize.
Deglaze the pan with Vinegar and add the Brussels Sprouts.  Toss the Petals and sprinkle AM Smoked Salt as desired.
Remove from heat and finish with shaved Pecorino Romano.
*In preparing your Brussels Sprouts, pick the outer petals until you hit the center core.  Sadly in this process, we do not use the center.