Chocolate Pots de Crème

Serves 8-10

Total time:
25 minutes

Level of difficulty- Moderate


oz high quality chopped semi-sweet or dark chocolate
cups whole milk
cups heavy cream
large egg yolks
tbsp granulated sugar
tsp salt


Step 1

Combine milk and heavy cream with sugar and salt and simmer until dissolved and fully incorporated

Step 2

Gradually add chocolate in three parts and whisk until smooth

Step 3

Remove pot from heat

Step 4

In a separate bowl containing egg yolks, add ½ cup of warm chocolate mixture and whisk until smooth (It is crucial to continuously whisk so that eggs do not cook and scramble)

Step 5

Return pot of melted chocolate to low heat and gradually add egg mixture

Step 6

Continually whisk until the consistency begins to thicken

Step 7

Remove from heat and pour into serving vessels

Step 8

Bring to room temp or chill until ready to serve (Best served at room temp)

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