Cucumber Salad

I want to share with you this quick no-cook side dish that is common with many South Asian cultures. Some call it achaar, I call it cucumber salad or yum thaang or thaang dong. It’s an easy pickled cucumber salad that is often served as a side dish for satay, barbecue chicken, and seafood cakes, but really I think it goes great with anything, even by itself.

The cucumber needs one or two hours in the fridge to really absorb the flavors from the vinegar, salt, and sugar. I find it tastes best when you allow it to sit overnight, but I totally understand if you don’t have the patience to wait that long. It’s delicious! 

As a kid, I’d eat this with plain rice; the “pickling sauce” is tangy and sweet and spicy that’s almost like an awesome bonus dressing. “Achaar” (sounds like a sneeze lol) Bless You!


Tbsp sugar
tsp salt
Tbsp vinegar
crushed dried chili
Thai sweet chili sauce
red onion


Step 1

Chop cucumber into thin, round slices. Dice onion and tomato and combine all into a bowl.

Step 2

Add sugar, salt, vinegar, chili, and a dash of Thai sweet chili sauce.

Step 3

Toss well and refrigerate for 1-2 hours before serving.

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