Egg Salad Sandwich

On weekends at my restaurant, we serve a traditional Thai dish of deep fried hard boiled eggs called kai loog kuey. Even though it’s a pretty popular item, we usually have a few eggs left over by Sunday and because we use heritage farm eggs, I try to come up with creative ways to use them up rather than let them go to waste. One classic use of hard boiled eggs is to build an egg salad sandwich. When you use high quality ingredients like these farm-sourced eggs, I feel like you don’t have to do much to manipulate the flavor. So for this egg salad, I’ll just add a little white pepper, madras curry powder, and celery salt. I also prefer a more rustic, chunky texture in my sandwich so I don’t worry about chopping the egg salad too finely. Spread it between two slices of bread and add some greens, and you’re good to go!


white pepper
curry powder
celery salt


Step 1

Hard boil and peel eggs.

Step 2

Gently chop together eggs with dollops of mayonnaise and mustard, and dashes of pepper, curry powder, and celery salt.

Step 3

Serve with lettuce between two slices of bread.

Specialty ingredients you'll need: