Glass Noodle Seafood Salad

Total time:
30 minutes

Anyone who says salad can’t be a main entree hasn’t met my Glass Noodle Seafood Salad, or Yum Woon Sen Talay. Packed with proteins like ground pork, shrimp and a medley of seafood, yummy glass noodles (woon sen) and all those bright Thai flavors we crave, there’s nothing not to love about this dish. This recipe does require a good amount of ingredients (and likely a trip to your local Asian market), but I promise the end result is so worth it! TIP: I recommend making the dressing before prepping the rest of the dish so the dried shrimp has a chance to hydrate in the liquids.


cup of fresh lime juice
tablespoons of dried shrimp
Thai chili peppers, chopped
tablespoon of chili paste
tablespoons of sugar
cilantro stems
fish sauce
cup of ground pork
cup of fish balls
red onion, sliced
cup of peanuts, chopped
cup of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
celery, stalks and leaves
scallions, cut into batons
woon sen (glass noodles)
cilantro leaves
celery, stalks and leaves
scallions, cut into batons


Step 1

For the dressing: in a measuring cup or small pitcher, add fresh lime juice, dried shrimp, cilantro stems and Thai chili peppers

Step 2

Add chili paste and a dash of fish sauce

Step 3

Add sugar

Step 4

Stir so all the flavors combine, and set aside

Step 5

For the salad: soak noodles in a bowl of cold water and allow them to rehydrate. As they soften, feel free to cut a few times with scissors, which breaks them up so they are easier to eat

Step 6

In a large sauce pan, add shrimp and fish balls to hot water

Step 7

After a few minutes, add squid and ground pork

Step 8

Once almost fully cooked, add the mussels

Step 9

Once mussels have opened, add glass noodles and combine together

Step 10

Remove pan from heat and pour contents into strainer

Step 11

Place into a large bowl and add a couple tablespoons of the dressing

Step 12

Add red onion, scallions, celery, peanuts, tomatoes, cilantro

Step 13

Add more dressing and toss

Step 14

Add celery leaves on top for an added burst of bright, peppery flavor, and toss

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