Ice Cream Sandwich

I’m lucky to have some very talented culinary friends who sent me a few amazing ingredients that I was able to combine into a perfect ice cream sandwich that pays homage to the coconut ice cream vendors of Thailand. My friend sent me duck egg brioche that he made, but of course you can use any type of bread you like, toasted or plain.
You should definitely use my recipe for coconut sticky rice which you can find on my website. As for the coconut cream, if you want to add some authentic Thai stylings to it, warm it on the stovetop with pandan leaves! This ice cream sandwich takes me back to my summers as a kid visiting Thailand sampling all the wonderful toppings that the street vendors offered at their coconut ice cream stands.


mini brioche buns
coconut sweet sticky rice
ice cream
coconut cream
spiced peanuts


Step 1

Toss some popcorn with some cinnamon, sugar, and salt.

Step 2

Build the sandwich starting with sweet sticky rice on top of the bottom brioche bun. Add ice cream of your choice, drizzle warm coconut cream, then top with spiced peanuts and popcorn.

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