Kwetiew Lauht

Kwetiew lauht is a rice flour crepe that’s stuffed with typical goodies you see in Thai street food like shrimp and scallions. I had a craving but wasn’t about to go through the hassle of making rice crepes, so I came up with this rice noodle version of the street food staple where the only thing you need to cook is the rice noodles. I made this vegan dish with cold pressed tofu but of course you can add cooked shrimp or ground pork for added protein.
Think of it as like a Thai-style pasta salad where you just have to cook the pasta and after that add whatever flavors you’re feeling like. Hope yours hits the spot just like mine did!


Tbsp sugar
Tbsp distilled vinegar
cup sweet soy sauce
Tbsp black soy sauce
thick rice noodles
pressed tofu
sweet radish
preserved cabbage
fried garlic
fried shallot
bean sprouts
fried garlic
chili flakes


Step 1

Prepare the sauce by combining sugar, vinegar, sweet soy sauce, and black soy sauce. Mix along with chili flakes and fried garlic and set to the side.

Step 2

Soak the thick rice noodles in lukewarm water.

Step 3

Mix together chopped tofu, scallions, sweet radish, preserved cabbage.

Step 4

Cook the noodles in hot water, then top with bean sprouts, tofu mix, and sauce. Toss and enjoy with cilantro and fried shallots.

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