Mom’s Tofu Salad Wraps

This is a hassle-free, no-cook homage to a house salad that my mom would prepare for the community when she was running her Thai restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. There is a dish in Thailand called miang kham which is a betel leaf wrap filled with things like coconut, dried shrimp, chili, and a super savory ground shrimp paste palm sugar sauce. With the intent of introducing her neighbors and new friends to the flavors of Thai cuisine, my mother would prepare a huge interactive version of miang kham, which is probably one of her signature dishes of her career. 

I’ll show you how to prepare a similar but scaled-down version in the form of these tofu salad wraps that you can make and modify to your heart’s desire. It’s a fun way to approach salads and a great interactive dish when dining with friends!


fresh lettuce leaves
bean sprouts
red onion
Thai basil
fresh ginger
crispy shallots
sweet preserved radish
toasted coconut
Peanut Sauce:
chunky peanut butter
fresh lime juice
sweet chili sauce


Step 1

Stir peanut butter, lime juice, and sweet chili sauce until it thickens into a dipping sauce.

Step 2

Chop all ingredients into salad-size pieces and toss in a mixing bowl.

Step 3

Serve bites of mixed salad inside a lettuce leaf with sauce on the side.