Nam Jim Jaew – Thai Grill Sauce

In Thai cuisine, nam jim jaew is what we typically serve alongside grilled meat. It’s full of bold flavors: sweet, tart, funky, that definitely boosts any protein you decide to pair it with. To add smokiness and texture to this grill sauce, we’ll quickly prepare khao khua, toasted rice powder, by toasting and grinding raw rice grains into a nice coarse grind. The khao khua not only thickens the sauce, but also adds a nice nuttiness to the whole ordeal. As with just about every sauce in Thai cooking, fish sauce makes an appearance. If you’re not keen on the flavors of fish sauce (why though??), you can definitely use salt. Just be sure to exercise caution so you don’t overdo the saltiness.

Next time you decide to bring out your inner carnivore for dinner, give this Thai condiment a crack. You’ll probably never go back to A-1 again!


cup fish sauce
tsp golden mountain soy seasoning
oz lime juice
Tbsp sugar
Tbsp chopped garlic
Tbsp chopped ginger
Tbsp chopped scallion
Tbsp chopped cilantro
Tbsp chili flakes
Tbsp chopped shallot or red onion
Tbsp toasted rice powder


Step 1

Toast 2 Tbsp raw rice grains until golden brown. Grind until coarse.

Step 2

In mixing bowl, combine fish sauce, soy seasoning, lime juice, sugar, garlic, ginger, scallion, cilantro, chili flakes, shallot, and rice powder. Stir thoroughly. Serve with grilled meat.

Specialty ingredients you'll need: