Pad Priew Wahn Gai – Thai Sweet & Sour Chicken

Typically in the western world, when we hear “sweet and sour chicken” we imagine the iconic Chinese fast food version of the dish, fried chicken which has been doused in that sweet, tangy, and sticky sauce. The Thai version of sweet and sour chicken is called pad priew wahn gai, and though the influences between the two are quite apparent, Thai sweet and sour chicken is stir-fried and equally delicious. 

One thing to keep in mind while finishing off the dish is that you’ll want to add the chicken stock slowly so as to not create an overly-runny sauce. I know accidents do happen, so if you find yourself needing to thicken up the sauce again, you can still do so by adding more cornstarch in a pinch. Happy stir-frying!


lbs raw chicken
chicken stock
brown sugar
distilled white vinegar
fish sauce
white onion
bell pepper
white pepper


Step 1

Slice chicken into stir-fry size portions and coat each piece with a mixture of cornstarch with pinches of white pepper and salt.

Step 2

Cook chicken with sliced onions in a pan with oil. Season with dashes of fish sauce.

Step 3

Add chopped garlic and allow aromatics to cook about halfway.

Step 4

Add chopped bell pepper, pineapple, and tomatoes along with 2 Tbsp brown sugar, 2 Tbsp ketchup, 2 Tbsp distilled vinegar, and desired amount of sriracha.

Step 5

Stir lightly until the vegetables soften, then add chopped cucumber.

Step 6

Add chicken stock until your sauce reaches desired consistency then remove from heat.

Specialty ingredients you'll need: