Spicy Pork in Thai Red Curry Paste

Moo pad prik kang, or spicy pork stir-fry with red Thai curry paste, is another of my quick and easy dishes that are full of flavor. This is another example of the versatility of Thai cooking. Red curry doesn’t always have to come in a soup or a stew, it can be used as the leading flavor in a stir-fry. Of course any protein will be stellar in this recipe, but don’t forget to add your dashes of sugar and chicken powder/bouillon to help neutralize the heat of the red curry paste, otherwise the spice may feel a bit too overpowering. For those of you going for a vegetarian approach starting with tofu in the place of pork, you can use miso paste instead of the chicken powder. However you choose to enjoy it, just make sure the wok is nice and hot to get the curry paste kicking!


green beans
bell pepper
red curry paste
chicken powder
oyster sauce


Step 1

In a wok over high heat, sweat minced garlic and sliced onion.

Step 2

Add chopped raw pork and stir until meat is partially cooked.

Step 3

Add vegetables and a heaping spoonful of red curry sauce. Stir-fry until pork is cooked through.

Step 4

Add dashes of sugar and chicken powder and oyster sauce. Toss well and sprinkle chiffonnade makrut lime leaves. Serve with white rice or as a side dish.

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