Stuffed Sesame Scallion Omelet

For the days that your refrigerator looks a little sparse, you could never go wrong with an omelet regardless of what time of day it is! Here’s a little something I whipped up with my pantry staples that’ll hopefully help you get some ideas when you’re in an eggy mood. To illustrate that you could use just about anything to fill an omelet with, for the video I used plain white rice so it would be easy for you to picture your favorite omelet filling. It was to help your imagination! Nothing to do with the fact that I had nothing else in the fridge. Enjoy!


white pepper
sesame oil
sesame seeds
golden mountain seasoning


Step 1

In a bowl, scramble eggs along with salt, pepper, sesame oil, scallions, sesame seeds and golden mountain seasoning.

Step 2

Cook on low-medium heat with oil until it begins to form.

Step 3

Spoon cooked rice into the center and fold into an omelet shape. Top with sriracha and scallions.

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