Thai Green Curry Mussels

Some people can be intimidated by shellfish, but I’m here to assure you that mussels are quite easy to prepare as long as you know the proper steps. Once you have a taste of my Thai green curried mussels, you might be wondering why you haven’t attempted it sooner!
The most important thing to consider when handling mussels is that they need to be kept cool at all times. That means if not in the fridge, then on, under, in, against ice right up until the moment you’re ready to use them! A necessary way to check if they’re fine to use is to give them a tap against a hard surface. If the mussel pops open, it’s no good. After rinsing them under cold water, you’ll also need to remove their “beard” if they haven’t come from the store with that furry part removed from the shell.

This Thai mussel curry goes great with a side of rice or bread, or even by itself thanks to the hearty broth. Enjoy your beautiful bowl of flavor!


Thai eggplant
bamboo shoots
fresh chili pepper
Thai basil
fried garlic
green curry paste
fish sauce
coconut milk


Step 1

Over medium-high heat, sweat out onions and garlic with oil. Add curry powder and allow the aromas to bloom.

Step 2

Add chopped Thai eggplant and fresh mussels, and toss everything together in the pan lightly.

Step 3

Add a handful of ripped Thai basil, bamboo shoots, and a couple dashes of fish sauce. Toss lightly.

Step 4

Add your stock and cover the pan. Let everything steam until the contents of the pan begin to bubble up, and check to see that the mussels have all fully opened.

Step 5

Drizzle some coconut milk over the contents of the pan. Serve in a bowl topped with cilantro, Thai basil, chopped chili pepper, and fried garlic.

Specialty ingredients you'll need: