Thai Mango Salad

My mango salad is another wonderfully simple dish that boasts rich Thai flavors courtesy of the sweetness of a ripe mango mixed with the funk of fish sauce and dried shrimp. I know some of you might have pause with adding dried shrimp to a mango salad, but in my opinion it’s essential. It really adds a briny umami note and texture that cannot be duplicated, like how anchovy elevates a caesar salad.
For this salad I sliced my mango into a French shape called batonnet, which I think is perfect for allowing just enough surface area for the dressing to cling onto. I’ve cut my bell pepper and onion into similar sizes so that every bite of our Thai mango salad ensures a satisfying crunch. Enjoy!


red bell peppers
red onion
Thai chilis
fish sauce
dried shrimp


Step 1

Prepare the dressing by squeezing lime juice over the dried shrimp. Then add one part fish sauce to one part sugar, and the chopped Thai chilis and peanuts. Stir well then let sit for about 2 minutes.

Step 2

Slice the ripe mango, onion, and bell pepper into salad-sized bites. Combine them in a bowl along with scallions, cilantro, and whole peanuts then add dressing and toss thoroughly.

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