Thai Minced Pork Omelet

Total time:
15 minutes

Breakfast is served! A Thai-inspired fluffy omelet packed with savory flavor, this comfort classic, known as Kai Jieow, is SO easy to make and takes almost no time at all. You can swap out pork for any protein you like, such as chicken or shrimp, but go with pork if you want the real deal. Serve with a side of sriracha chili sauce for an added kick!


oz minced pork
scallions, sliced
white pepper
golden mountain seasoning sauce
sriracha chili sauce


Step 1

Crack open two eggs and add to mixing bowl (do not beat)

Step 2

Add 1-2 pinches of scallions, dash of white pepper and a couple dashes of seasoning sauce

Step 3

Scramble together in bowl (you want to see air bubbles in egg mixture to achieve fluffy texture)

Step 4

Add minced pork to bowl and mix together until pork is saturated

Step 5

Add oil to nonstick sauté pan and let heat,

Step 6

Pour egg and pork mixture into pan

Step 7

Cook for a few minutes (browning is okay!)

Step 8

Once the underside is golden brown and a little crispy, pour excess oil from pan back into mixing bowl to prepare for flipping (hold omelette in place with a spatula)

Step 9

Flip and cook a few more minutes until omelette is golden brown

Step 10

Add cilantro and scallions for garnish, serve with rice and a small dipping bowl of sriracha chili sauce

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Specialty ingredients you'll need:

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