Thai Quinoa Fried Rice

I love the nutrients that quinoa offers, and so for this recipe I decided to make a Thai-style fried rice substituting quinoa as the grain. Since we’re going the health-conscious route, I’ll also share with you ways to adjust the ingredients to make the entire quinoa fried rice vegan-friendly and/or gluten free! If you don’t have quinoa available, this can also be made with cauliflower rice for an equally healthy dish.

Typically Thai fried rice is made with fish sauce, but to add to our quinoa fry, we’re using golden mountain seasoning sauce, which is a lighter, gluten-free and vegan soy sauce alternative. To make it purely vegan, just omit the egg. But if you feel like going the opposite route by adding some protein to this fried rice, you can definitely follow the recipe and introduce your meat of choice when you add the diced garlic to the hot wok. That’s the beauty of Thai fried rice, the ingredients can be easily substituted, but it’ll always come out delicious if you follow the right recipe!


cooked quinoa
Chinese broccoli
preserved sweet radish
golden mountain seasoning
white pepper


Step 1

In a wok with heat-neutral oil, sweat diced onion for 1 minute. Add diced garlic and crack an egg onto the side of the wok.

Step 2

Scramble the egg thinly, then add preserved sweet radish directly onto the cooking egg. Add thinly-sliced broccoli stems and allow everything to cook down for 1 minute.

Step 3

Add diced tomato, sliced broccoli leaves, quinoa, and dashes of white pepper and sugar. Add a few dashes of golden mountain seasoning sauce.

Step 4

Stir-fry until broccoli leaves have wilted. Garnish with scallions, sliced cucumber, and a lime wedge.

Specialty ingredients you'll need: