Thai-style Fried Chicken Wings

You know my Thai-style fried chicken wings are so nice because they’ve been fried not once, but twice! Marinated with garlic and Asian sauces, the flavor is unmistakably Thai-inspired, but can go great with just about any dipping sauce you like. Just be sure you don’t crowd the pot and really let the chicken wings dance around in the oil to achieve the perfect crispiness that you deserve. By double-frying your chicken wings, you’re trapping the moisture from the second dredge to get that perfect juicy bite of garlicky fried chicken.


chicken wings
cilantro stems
oyster sauce
golden mountain seasoning
white pepper
tapioca starch
rice flour
five spice seasoning powder
frying oil


Step 1

Blend together garlic, cilantro stems, oyster sauce, golden mountain seasoning, salt, sugar, and white pepper to create marinade.

Step 2

Marinate chicken wings for at least 8 hours in the refrigerator.

Step 3

Combine equal parts tapioca starch and rice flour with a few dashes of five spice powder and whisk evenly to create flour dredge.

Step 4

Dip marinated chicken into the flour dredge until it’s lightly but fully coated, and place into hot oil. Remove from oil before the wings become golden brown.

Step 5

Add lukewarm water to the leftover dry dredge and whisk to mix. Recoat the cooked chicken wings and return to the fryer until golden brown.

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