Vegan Mayonnaise

Taste, texture, viscosity, and the sheen all looks like mayonnaise.

Total time:
10 minutes

It’s Meatless Monday and before you all chime in with your passionate opinions on Mayo, let me say I did not make this so I could spoon just Mayo into my mouth.

Every week my restaurant feeds homeless LGBTQ youth and in those meals, we have a few vegans. Our menu this week included potato salad so instead of creating something completely different for them, I made this vegan Mayo.

I first learned this technique when I worked for Jeans-Georges NYC in the early 2000s. It wasn’t until my chef mentioned we should just make a vegan Mayo this week that I remembered I knew how. Now I’m passing it on to you.


Step 1

Blend all ingredients together until smooth while trickling in oil until desired consistency.

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