Vegan Pad Krapao

This one’s for my plant-based friends, or anyone who’s feeling like going vegan for a meal. Pad krapao is one of the most famous Thai a la carte dishes. As with just about every one of my Thai stir-fry recipes, feel free to substitute any protein you wish. For the video I used Impossible brand “meat” to make this vegan pad krapao over rice. Make sure your wok is nice and hot, and don’t stop tossing to get those flavors all blended together! You certainly can batch this up and make meals to keep for days, or lunch for the whole family. Hope you enjoy!


vegan protein
bell peppers
green beans
Thai basil
Thai chiles
vegan oyster sauce
Golden Mountain Seasoning
white pepper
crispy fried garlic


Step 1

In a hot oiled wok, toss minced bell peppers, green beans, onions, basil, chiles, garlic with the vegan protein.

Step 2

Toss vigorously and add vegan oyster sauce, a dash of golden mountain seasoning, and a bit of water.

Step 3

Add scallions and toss again. Serve over rice topped with fried garlic.

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