World Famous French Onion Dip


white onions, thinly sliced
lb cream cheese, room temperature (16 oz/ 2 8ox blocks)
cups sour cream
cups mayonnaise
oz white wine
oz. grated parmesan cheese
tsp garlic powder
kosher salt
fresh cracked pepper
chives, thin sliced


Step 1

Evenly place onions into a room temperature medium to large sauté pan and onto stove top setting at low heat.

Step 2

Lightly sprinkle a thin layer of Kosher Salt. Do not turn up heat; allowing the onions to slowly cook; first releasing natural liquids which will eventually be reabsorbed. There is no need to over stir or work this process. Once liquids are released from the onions, light browning should start to occur and some caramelization will be noticed in the pan.

Step 3

At this time, add garlic powder and some cracked pepper.

Step 4

To release the “Fond” (or the sticky brown stuff stuck to the pan), add white wine and use the onions to ask as bristles to gently release the flavor. Allow the wine to evaporate as to cook out the alcohol. By now, the onions should look lightly golden brown.

Step 5

Turn off the heat and add cream cheese to the pan, stirring until fully and consistently incorporated wit the onions.

Step 6

Then, add sour cream and mayonnaise and parmesan cheese. It is important to not return to heat as to prevent cheese from over melting and fat oils to be released.

Step 7

Serve warm or at room temperature. If served cold, keep is mind that the dip will be slightly thicker. Garnish with chives, more parmesan and cracked pepper as desired.

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