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Celebrity Chef, TV Personality, Culinary Instructor and Nashville Native

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Spring cooking classes are here!

I’m offering a great set of classes from classics to a little more in depth Thai dishes. Of course the popular Pad Thai is on my roster but I’d love you to check out some of my other favorites. There are fundraising classes, chef collab classes too! FYI. Based on my January series, I’m keeping these classes intimate. So please sign up quickly so I can get you prepared as best as possible.

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Summer Treat, Larb & Sticky Rice

This is a bright Thai style salad class. We will make Thai Larb (minced meat citrus salad), a quick seared Thai marinated beef with Nam Jim Jaeow (toasted rice dipping sauce) and Thai sticky rice. If you sign up for this, I’ll send over some white pepper and sticky rice! Sunday May 9, 2021

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About Arnold

I was born in Nashville, TN, spending a majority of my childhood climbing 100 pound rice bags at my parents’ market and traveling to their homeland of South East Asia for summer break.

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Suzy Wong

Suzy Wong is my alter ego.  She is a domestic diva, event hostess philanthropist and savvy mixologist who can be seen at exclusive social events across the nation.

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