Banana Sticky Rice Split

Now this is a dessert that is totally worth the effort. Elsewhere on my site I have all the instructions to make perfect sticky rice in a steaming basket, but here I’ll demonstrate just how versatile it can be by showing you my banana sticky rice split. This treat is inspired by a Thai dessert called khao thom mat, which is essentially a sticky rice tamale with black beans or bananas. We’re taking things a step further by not just creating our own pandan-infused coconut syrup, but throwing on a heaping scoop of ice cream along with candied peanuts for that satisfying crunch. It might take a few attempts to get the folding of the pandan leaves correctly, but I promise the learning curve will pay off when you take your first bite of this Thai-style banana split!


sticky rice
pandan leaves
coconut milk
candied peanuts
ice cream


Step 1

Prepare sticky rice in a steam basket.

Step 2

In a pot over high heat, stir coconut milk with pandan leaves, sugar, salt, and vanilla to create a pandan leaf-infused syrup.

Step 3

Allow the syrup to cool and fold into sticky rice.

Step 4

Arrange a serving of syrup-folded sticky rice on top of a pandan leaf and top with banana sliced widthwise. Top with sugar, fold like a tamale, and steam for 25 minutes.

Step 5

Remove from the steamer, let cool, and serve with drizzles of caramel, pandan leaf syrup, candied peanuts and top with ice cream.

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