Pad See Lew – Stir Fry Soy Sauce

The time has come to introduce to you my recipe for one of the most popular items on your local Thai joint’s menu: pad see lew or pad see ew. Literally translated to pan fried soy sauce, you can bet that dark soy sauce is gonna be the star of this dish. What I love about pad see lew is that it’s so versatile. It can take on any protein or no protein at all. For this video, I’ve prepared it with soy sauce-marinated chicken.

Now the key to this dish is picking and preparing the right noodles. You’ll want to get packaged flat rice noodles that come a little fatter than what you’d normally see in pad Thai or pho. The fatter noodles give us a greater surface area to soak up all that sweet, salty goodness of our soy sauce blend. I prefer to rehydrate them first in lukewarm water, and then again in warm water. That gets them to a perfect firmness so that they become nice and soft when they’re introduced to the stir-fry. Try this with a hit of the Thai chili vinegar sauce prik nam som, the recipe for which you can also find in one of my previous videos!


oz chicken or protein of your choice
cup golden mountain seasoning
cup dark soy sauce
cup oyster sauce
packaged flat rice noodles
Chinese broccoli
fried garlic


Step 1

Remove noodles from package and rehydrate for 2-3 hours in warm water. Strain and re-submerge in hot water.

Step 2

In a small bowl, combine oyster sauce, soy sauce, and golden mountain seasoning and stir.

Step 3

Marinate raw chicken with a drizzle of soy sauce.

Step 4

Fry eggs in light oil on low-medium heat.

Step 5

When eggs are partially cooked, add mushrooms and stems of Chinese broccoli to the pan.

Step 6

Add garlic to stir-fry and toss gently. Allow 1-2 minutes for the flavors to blend, adding another light drizzle of oil as needed.

Step 7

Add marinated chicken to the stir-fry, and add a pinch of sugar. Let cook halfway through.

Step 8

Flip chicken and add leafy parts of the Chinese broccoli and scallions. Stir the pan’s contents, then add rehydrated noodles from the water bath to the top of the stir-fry.

Step 9

Drizzle soy sauce mixture over noodles, and mix thoroughly.

Step 10

Remove from heat and garnish with fried garlic and sauce of your choice.

Specialty ingredients you'll need: