Potato & Peanut Curry

Oftentimes at Thai restaurants, when you order a curry option you’re presented with a choice of proteins. Because of my small staff size at the restaurant, I wanted to pick just one good protein to go with the Thai peanut curry on our menu. Then I thought, why even go with a protein at all? Might as well celebrate what’s at the farm with something that’s sustainable and responsible. My Thai-style potato and peanut curry is definitely strong enough to stand alone as a main dish or as a side dish for any friendly gathering.

One important point I want to share with you is to cut the heat when you see the peanut curry begin to bubble. The reasoning is that the oils from the peanuts are causing the sauce to break if it gets too hot. If you see that begin to happen, just let the peanut curry settle a bit before you add your fish sauce and coconut milk. Of course if you want to make this a completely vegetarian dish, all you have to do is substitute salt for the fish sauce. Enjoy!


heirloom baby potatoes
peanut butter
coconut milk
fish sauce
red curry paste
turmeric powder
Thai chilis


Step 1

Generously salt and oil the potatoes. Toss and roast in oven at 350º for 25 minutes.

Step 2

In a wok with oil, combine diced onion, peanuts, curry, and turmeric powder over medium heat. Cook down and gently mix until onions become translucent.

Step 3

Add peanut butter, pinch of sugar, and stock. Allow everything to cook down until sauce becomes thick and begins to bubble, then turn off heat.

Step 4

Continue stirring the sauce and add fish sauce or salt to taste, and add coconut milk.

Step 5

Drizzle sauce over potatoes, and garnish with more coconut milk, scallions, cilantro, and Thai chilis.

Specialty ingredients you'll need: